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It's been a great experience. I'm learning a lot and know I still have a lot more to learn. My coach has been great and very patient with me. I'm glad I took a chance on this and that you have taken a chance on me. Thank you.

-Catina G.

My coach has helped us tremendously, Just yesterday he gave me some information that is going to get me back on track selling on eBay, as I had run into a problem with drop shipping and pay pal.

-Istafa R.

My coach has been very instrumental in giving me good advice on how and what to put in my listings. I've learned a lot so far in how to word my title page and adding descriptions to my listings. It has been rewarding so far and I am having a great time. Thank you so much for all your help.

Norie H.

My experience has been really good. I did not realize that eBay was so user friendly. It surprised me how simple it is to keep track of everything. From items you are bidding on, to purchases and the progress of each one. They tell you what the next step is and help you to complete it with the click of a button. My coach has been great. He has taken me through the steps and has assured that I understand everything before we move on. I was a little timid at setting the prices on my first sales and set them rather low. He urged me to reassess the market value of the items and set the prices accordingly. He was right. The coaching has been really great.

Cheyenne D.

I have used eBay before to buy and sell things, but never been able to make it as lucrative as I desired. I have learned some quick and simple rules from my coach that give me an assurance that I can meet my goals in using eBay.

Dan F.

I had never used eBay before. In my first two weeks I learned the system and sold seven items. One item sold in less than two hours. I am very pleased with my success so far. I had no prior experience with buying and selling on the internet. I am set up with a drop shipper and I'm starting to build my own online store.

Meredith S.

My experience with eBay has exceeded my expectations!!!! My coach is fantastic. He's the voice of reason, of instruction, and of encouragement. His guidance has made my present success and possible. The support team coaches have been timely and very responsive to my need for help. This is a quality professional program of instruction and conducted with the learner's success in mind.

Claire M.

My eBay experience has been an upper! I get excited with each sale. It takes me less time to list now and I have used templates to make it easier to list similar items. My coach has been the guiding light all the way. He's a great teacher and encourager. I would not have had the confidence to embark on this adventure without him.

Claire M.

I'm beginning to feel more confident in doing research for pricing articles and going through the listing process I've had to edit the listings to add additional information, but that is all part of the learning process. My coach has been supportive and available all along the way. He is a good teacher and I value his expertise.

Doug J.

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